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  1. Yoga for Migraine Relief) The gentle exercises shared in this program have proven effective for decreasing the frequency and intensity of your migraines - and even stop them from happening ever again)
  2. Shapeshifter Yoga) No-nonsense yoga program. Excellent affiliate conversions.
  3. Qigong for happiness, health and vitality) Earn up to $100 per person who takes a $4.95 2 week trial. I've just spent $950 to have the salescopy critiqued by a professional copywriter. You can be confident that this page converts. Check it out for yourself.)
  4. Ananda Marga) Self-Realisation and Service to All)
  5. Meditation Expert.) Info on Meditation Training, Relaxation, Peak Performance And Metaphysical Phenomena.)
  6. Energy Flow) products coming soon)
  7. Yoga Booty Challenge) Higher Commissions Available - Just Ask! Sky-high conversion rates with this super high-end VSL. Test away and enjoy!)
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