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  1. Doodle Video Maker Pack-Works in ANY Video Editing App- by Bluefx) Promote a unique video-making tool that over 1000 clients purchased and love. It makes animated videos in any video editing app, like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Resolve, FinatCut etc. NEW: PowerPoint and Canva version also included.)
  2. Filmmaker Action Pack) This filmmaker training system contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices for getting your film made, seen and sold. Affiliates: Pays 50% on products.)
  3. Untapped Actor Market- Everyone Wants To Be An Actor!) In The Age of "Selfies" and "Instagram Fame", this is a HUGE converter. A practical guide that combines 2 RABID markets- the Actor Market, and the Make Money Online Market. Upsells go over $100 and a recurring!
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